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Heacock Hardwoods

Heacock Hardwoods is a small firewood business serving the Greater Omaha / Council Bluffs area. Please allow me to provide the firewood for your woodstove, fireplace, backyard firepit, grill, camping excursion, wood fired pizza oven, smoker, or business.

Heacock Hardwoods stacks all of its wood in racks to keep it off the ground and promote drying. Further a great deal of the inventory has been moved indoors out of the elements. Even with all these steps, seasoned wood cannot be guaranteed late in the year. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure wood is purchased and to take delivery early enough to allow it to dry / season / cure.

As a result of several economic stimulus packages by the Federal Government over the past two years the United States economy is at a 6.7% inflation rate which is the highest in 39 years. The unfortunate reality is that translates to a price increase to maintain a sustainable business model. Five volume options combined with three level of service and multiple species choices still exist to give the customer power to decide what is appropriate for them.

As a final thought: Value me while I am here. Each year I have seen many greats pass away. There is always a big outpouring of love / appreciation, gatherings, and well wishes. The postmortem display does me no good. Allow me to bask in the light, warmth, and joy of your appreciation and admiration while I am among you.

  • Payment is due upon delivery (Cash, Check, PayPal, and Venmo)
  • Please no stairs (seriously, not even one)
  • Decks need to be at least 6' 6" if they are being stacked under
  • The delivery location needs to be wheelbarrow accessible
Mixed Hardwoods
Oak, Walnut Hickory, Pecan
  Wood Delivery Stacking
1/6 Cord 100 25 25
1/4 Cord 145 30 30
1/3 Cord 180 50 50
1/2 Cord 260 80 80
Cord 500 120 120
  Wood Delivery Stacking
1/6 Cord 135 25 25
1/4 Cord 195 30 30
1/3 Cord 250 50 50
1/2 Cord 365 80 80
Cord 675 120 120
  Wood Delivery Stacking
1/6 Cord 225 25 25
1/4 Cord 320 30 30
1/3 Cord 420 50 50
1/2 Cord 600 80 80
Cord 975 120 120

Unit of Measure
  • 1/6 Cord -
  • 1/4 Cord -
  • 1/3 Cord -
  • 1/2 Cord -
  • Cord -

(4' H x 16" W x 4' L)
(4.67' H x 16" W x 5.92 ' L)
(4' H x 16" W x 8' L)
(4' H x 16" W x 12' L)
(4' H x 4" W x 8' L)

Drying Philosophy

As each load of wood comes in it is stacked into racks for inventory management and allow the drying / curing process to continue. The wood remains in the racks aging until each order comes in. Each rack has a 6.5" pallet style bottom and is set atop a base for further elevation off the ground in an effort to keep dry.

It is the end users resonsibility to both order and take delivery early enough in the year to ensure adequate drying time.






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