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  • Does your company offer products that should be on this website?
  • Are you looking for an outlet or distributor for your firewood, slabs, or smoking wood?
  • Do you desire a constant buyer for your wood even if it is green?

Here at Heacock Hardwoods we are passionate about firewood, building inventory, and building long lasting supplier networks. To meet the demands of our customer base, to continually have inventory, and to bring new products to market we look to partner with reliable sources.

Please send an email to and tell us about yourself, your business, what you have to offer, your price points, availability, and any volume discounts.

We purchase wood by the cord. We stay away from purchasing wood by the weight, by board feet, by truckload.

  • Our 1/4 wood racks have an inside dimension of 71" long x 16" wide x 48.67" tall.
  • Our 1/6 wood racks have an inside dimension of 48" long x 16" wide x 48" tall.
  • Our 1/4 metal totes are stacked in 2 rows up to the top.

We publish our units of measure so that you can verify the math ensuring you are selling a full cord and that we are purchasing a full cord.